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Some of my favourite websites that offer FREE resources to learn everything you need to know about early speech, language and literacy development.


Talking Point – Progress Checker to see if your child is meeting speech and language milestones

Kid Care Canada Society – Learning guides and educational videos

Oxford Communicative Development Inventory – Checklist to track baby’s first 100 words

Words for Life – Resources for parents for children from birth to age 11

First Words – Communication milestones and Nipissing Developmental Screening Tool

Center for Early Literacy Learning – printable handouts, presentations, videos and podcasts to support early language and literacy at home

Zero to Three – Resources for parents and professionals on early learning and development

Reading Rockets – Resources for parents to help kids learn to read, with and without reading disorders

Afasic – Voice For Life – FREE parent handouts and support videos made by parents of children with language delays

Teach Me To Talk – Videos to support language development

Every Child Ready to Read – How to Develop Pre-reading Skills

Talk Box – A Paren’t Guide to Creating Language Rich Environments

Instructional Sign Language Dictionary

How Speech Sounds are Made – Click on ‘Launch English Library’

Talking Tips For Kids – Free instructional videos to boost communication on skills

Too Small To Fail – Instructional videos to learn how to promote strong early development

Stacy Benge – Videos on early literacy development

Strength In Words – Podcasts, videos and online courses to build language skills in infants and toddlers

Vocal Development – Watch and listen to what babies do before they say words

GI Motility online – Feeding milestones from birth to 3 years

Encyclopaedia of Early Childhood Development – articles, videos and information sheets for parents about child development from 0-5 years

Enhanced Milieu Teaching handouts – How To Help At Home

Video – What is the simple view of reading?

Kids Health – Video on how we hear

Free E-Book – “Reading Problems and What To Do About Them” by SLP David Kinnane



Know another great site that offers free resources to families? Let us know so we can add it to the list!




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