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One of the most important responsibilities a speech-language pathologist has is to help families access tools they need to help their children successfully reach their goals at home. Over the years of working clinically I have developed an extensive “go to” list of resources that I use regularly with clients, but also with my own kids at home.

Whether you are trying to find a book to learn how to help your late-talker, you are looking  for reliable speech and language websites, or you simply want to find a great language-rich craft to do at home; you will find it all here in one place!

No more searching the Internet endlessly. Just one-stop to get what you need to make language learning come to life in your home!

Professional and Government Websites









Great Reads







Happy 1 year old









Children Reading
My Child’s Library








10021021 - children - sisters - playing at home with bricks
Language Boosting Games














Fun Home Activities









Research Kid
Read the Research








Ready To Learn More?








SLPs Sharing Great Ideas












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