Birth To First Words

“Studies have shown that while children are young they learn language through the back-and-forth interactions with adults. The types of responses that adults provide during these exchanges has a major impact on the way a baby will develop language”. – Dr. Marianella Casasola

23653923_lAs soon as babies are born they start learning how to communicate. They learn to use crying, facial expression, body movements and eye gaze to get their message across.  Once they become a little older they point, give objects and use sounds to communicate….all before even saying a word! How adults respond to these early communication attempts plays a major role in helping babies and toddlers develop strong language skills.

We know that, as parents, you want to make the most of the time you have with your baby by helping them learn.  That’s why Talking Together has developed the Birth To First Words series. These videos are designed to be a quick and easy way for parents to learn about typical language development in baby’s first year with tips to support a growing infant.

Having a major impact does not mean major changes.  By making some simple adjustments to the way you already interact with your baby during everyday activities, you can help them develop strong early language skills that will give them the foundation they need to become confident communicators.

Baby Talk

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